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I pay no attention to the law and just try to behave myself.

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Sybil Natawa
United States
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Hello Zoops. When it comes to 'friending' it is more sensible to me, to communicate with a person first and get a sense of whether we 'like' each other or have some commonalities.

I will leave messages on a new members timeline, or make photo comments, etc. So I take a bit more time rather than request to befriend someone out of the blue.

Look on your timeline. I may have left a Hullo for you.

I'm a blissfully single gal, interested in friendships and commiseratin about all kinds of subjects.

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...forms in open Pacific Ocean. Eugene, Oregon,  July 10 (UPI) -- The National Hurricane Center said Hurricane Eugene has formed in the open waters of the Pacific Ocean but is expected to weaken to a tropical storm.  Eugene, which is about 55 miles west-s
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  History has been defined as relying on the written records of a particular period. However over the 20th century many other methods have been developed and used to secure facts of history and to reconstruct ancient lifeways and conditions. X-ray, chemist
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  Of all the issues I add my two cents to these days Immigration is the least important to me personally but that is because I am Native American, related to 3 tribes. I think it is a good guess that this follows for many other of America's First Nations
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The first thing I do each morning is check the weather. Of course, I look out the window but next I check the National Weather Forecast and 2 local websites as well. It helps me to organize my day (I'm a bicyclist). Rain is expected before 11:am but then a
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I was relisting this book review on a Book Club site when I realized a significant error. One of the titles I have transposed from a different author. A book with a similar name. I thought, oh ma Gawd it's been wrong on my blog for 2 years! Not that anyone noticed but I thought rather than fix it now, I wonder if anyone will ever notice?

Did you?

Leave your answer here. I'd like to know who catches it.

Don't Go There Two Books I Couldn't Finish; Blood and Gold by Anne Rice The Pumphouse Gang by Edward Abbey  It is extraordinarily rare that I do not complete a book I begin. Blood and Gold I'll go back to when I can enjoy it as an audiobook. It's too ridic
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It is one of the things I remember of a film from schooldays that seemed to make the rounds once or even twice a year. You would have to be over 50 to recall this documentary film but it seemed to regularly show up at the public schools in the U.S. for man
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  Last week I noted a new Ghost Bike parked near my neighborhood on a dark stretch of road. I went online and noted that it makes 3 in Eugene now although that doesn't account for all of our bicycle fatalities. It just expresses the loss of folks who know
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  Today let us also remember the Native American and African American military volunteers who tracked, spied, code talked, covertly messengered, repaired both machines and soldiers and who fought and flew for the United States of America. They were in it f
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  Looking for a True History of Native Peoples ?  5 Indigenous Women Who Get It Right    Heather Divine, Brenda Macdougall, Sherry Farrell Racette, Mary Jane Logan McCallum, Susan Hill are Canadian Native Indian history professors teaching in U.S. univ
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I have been making postings on Disqus and on my blog concerning escalating suicide epidemic among American and Canadian Native/First Peoples.  On the other hand an actress that I really like opened up recently about the issues that can lead a person to co
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