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10 days ago
Zappa commented on a blog post
That really is a shame! I miss hanging out and chatting.
Myself,I am hanging out in a chat room for disabled folks,and learning that my disability could be so much worse...these people are real warriors and I enjoy my time there.
Still checking in here daily,hoping to see some activity!

Where have all the chatters gone? I have been checking in from time to time and seen nobody!  
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29 days ago
Zappa added new blog post

Where have all the chatters gone? I have been checking in from time to time and seen nobody!  
24.07.2017 1 likes 2 comments 2 comments
Zappa changed his profile status message 
Lost in America
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Zappa commented on a blog post
Russia..yes indeed as Hillary said over and over,Russia is to blame for the hacks.
Russia is behind..well..everything!
Hillary wants a new cold war,more proxy wars,and why not an all out nuke-fest?
Thanks to Hillary,I now know that our response time to a nuclear threat is 4 minutes!
Of course this is a national defense secret,and telling the world on live TV is considered treason,but at this point.."What difference does it make?"
As soon as obama issued his threat,Wikileaks was shut down...very telling,dont you think?
The Clinton/obama machine in full swing.
We are on the edge of world war three,due to the actions of this imbecile obama.
Too late to impeach this lame-duck,and anyway,who has the guts?
No one.
Get ready for all hell to break loose under our new psychopath,Hitlerey "Rotten"Clinton.

Our Government has said that it will consider cyber attacks against it an act of war! However now the Obama Administration threatens cyber war against Russia. Do you think that Russia will consider cyber attacks from the US Gov. NSA, CIA an act or war? Now
21.10.2016 0 likes 1 comments 1 comments
Zappa added new blog post

Here is a boring cat post! Curious George,my cat has had himself a rough time. First,he and his brother, Rico "the Dude" escaped from the house in October 2015.. The Dude came home first,and showed no signs that he was worse for wear and tear,despite be
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Zappa added new blog post

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Zappa added new blog post

First I will post a link. I posted about this before. https://youtu.be/vehrH2ayLjA   This is a BIG deal. I wish that people would take the time to read the executive action that will give the Social Security Administration the power of a court of law
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Zappa added new blog post

Im putting up a link to a video that I think is URGENT to watch,IF you care at all about your rights...If you dont,pass it by... Even if it DOES NOT affect you,you SHOULD watch,and see how we are losing our rights through sneaky,ILLEGAL legislation.   here
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Zappa edited his profile info
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Zappa commented on a blog post
Ok,I messed up,and managed to delete my comment.
Here we go again...
I got number 2 wrong.

Not only do NA need a new Alcatraz,we ALL need to come together around all this division I see every day..and say..enough is enough!

This may interest you.
I am German,but I have darker skin,and very dark hair,and have always tanned very easily.
Well,as a kid,i sure spent most of my time outside,and I was very dark as a result.
Oh boy..I was picked on,beat up,and had zero friends..
I was called a "dirty injun",and things like that,based on how I looked..lol..my bike was stolen,I had to be creative in how I walked to school each day,and the playground was my worst nightmare!
I may have been the first kid that was in 3rd grade that was on the verge of a nervous breakdown..man that sucked!
So,I do have a damn good idea of what it feels like-I never forgot that,an here we are in 2016,and Im seeing more racial divide than ever..WTF?
I really need my "safe space" to think about this,while I bask in the glory of my "white privilege".
Im down for taking Alcatraz all over again,or that eye-sore Mt Rushmore.

Do you remember that spring issue of Mother Jones in 1971? There is a Pacific Coastal Salish gal holding up a hand painted sign reading "Better Red than Dead".  This article was about the AIM occupation of Alcatraz Island in the San Francisco Bay, how AIM
15.04.2016 0 likes 2 comments 2 comments