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Our Government has said that it will consider cyber attacks against it an act of war! However now the Obama Administration threatens cyber war against Russia. Do you think that Russia will consider cyber attacks from the US Gov. NSA, CIA an act or war? Now
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With the Election and the Standing Rock Pipeline issue sucking all the air out of the universe, Government shameless intervention rears it's ugly head again, in Arizona, My best friend in San Carlos Apache, and this morning brought "Oak Flat", which is an
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The first thing I do each morning is check the weather. Of course, I look out the window but next I check the National Weather Forecast and 2 local websites as well. It helps me to organize my day (I'm a bicyclist). Rain is expected before 11:am but then a
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  In her own words:" I didn't share my rape story for praise. I wanted to share my story to be a voice for the voiceless. I am not ashamed, because I did nothing wrong. I wanted my rapist and his ilk to know that they are what's wrong with society today.
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It is one of the things I remember of a film from schooldays that seemed to make the rounds once or even twice a year. You would have to be over 50 to recall this documentary film but it seemed to regularly show up at the public schools in the U.S. for man
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  Last week I noted a new Ghost Bike parked near my neighborhood on a dark stretch of road. I went online and noted that it makes 3 in Eugene now although that doesn't account for all of our bicycle fatalities. It just expresses the loss of folks who know
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Here is a boring cat post! Curious George,my cat has had himself a rough time. First,he and his brother, Rico "the Dude" escaped from the house in October 2015.. The Dude came home first,and showed no signs that he was worse for wear and tear,despite be
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First I will post a link. I posted about this before. https://youtu.be/vehrH2ayLjA   This is a BIG deal. I wish that people would take the time to read the executive action that will give the Social Security Administration the power of a court of law
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