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Where have all the chatters gone? I have been checking in from time to time and seen nobody!  
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I admit to being a Buddhist but that is because Buddhism fits where I already seem to be going when I feel I am at my best. Following that I am influenced by it as well, it is a good fit. I say this because my views about animals are my own though supporte
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...forms in open Pacific Ocean. Eugene, Oregon,  July 10 (UPI) -- The National Hurricane Center said Hurricane Eugene has formed in the open waters of the Pacific Ocean but is expected to weaken to a tropical storm.  Eugene, which is about 55 miles west-s
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  You take your life in your hands wearing a tutu off a stage in a major U.S. city. Or that's what the Senator from Wyoming declared in his ridiculous remark about a man wearing a tutu to a bar deserves to be beaten to death.   Of course this was in re
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  Some people see red, green, blue, yellow, purple, black and white, some pinks, some oranges. Other people report that they can see hundreds of colors.   Is it physical? Perceptual? Cultural? Do we choose to tune out color subtleties?  
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  History has been defined as relying on the written records of a particular period. However over the 20th century many other methods have been developed and used to secure facts of history and to reconstruct ancient lifeways and conditions. X-ray, chemist
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  Of all the issues I add my two cents to these days Immigration is the least important to me personally but that is because I am Native American, related to 3 tribes. I think it is a good guess that this follows for many other of America's First Nations
TVC15 03.07.2017 0 22

Our Government has said that it will consider cyber attacks against it an act of war! However now the Obama Administration threatens cyber war against Russia. Do you think that Russia will consider cyber attacks from the US Gov. NSA, CIA an act or war? Now
admin 20.10.2016 1 217

With the Election and the Standing Rock Pipeline issue sucking all the air out of the universe, Government shameless intervention rears it's ugly head again, in Arizona, My best friend in San Carlos Apache, and this morning brought "Oak Flat", which is an
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