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America: A Republic? A Democracy?  or Corporate Plutocracy?* I don’t know how many of you remember the Bad old days, yet very exciting and hopeful days of the Civil Rights Movement of the late 50’s and 60’s. But we have come round again to the very same is
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Well, for any of you who have sometimes read the Urban Injun blog, you know that I am a science enthusiast and primarily a generalist. I am interested in chemistry, biology, physics and astro-physics, medicine and more. It has been easier for me to acquire
TVC15 17.09.2015 6 405

I got a little inspired after reading the ‘She’s too Rez, Bro. (on the previous blog) and came up with some of my own-in reverse. I could probably squeeze out a few more BUT why don’t YOU jump in and add to the strange but true tales of; He’s too Rez for y
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(painting Ghost Dances Millennium by Leonard Peltier) Today I have a story for you in links. It has been long suspected that the killing of two FBI agents during the 20th century Wounded Knee confrontation, (as the FBI were carrying out the serious and dea
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This is a miscellany kind of entry. I had tried putting some files to share on our Files option that runs along the top of Zooperz web pages just under the banner. I had trouble with it so talked to Josh, he did what he could but I still could not download
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December 2/13 was Solidarity with Elsipogtog, Elsipogtog is the name of my reservation here in New Brunswick Canada, we have been fighting with the SWN and the RCMP not to have shale gas in NB.  SWN decided to file an injunction against us not to go near t
Pinklady 03.12.2013 5 443

When I log onto Zooperz I tend notice who the new members are and go to their profile. Usually that profile is not available, which strikes me as very odd for a social site. You can put a tiny amount of info there. You don’t have to expose yourself at all
TVC15 02.12.2013 5 557

Hello, my name is Sybil and I am a science geek. Many of my blogs have discussed and joked about modern physics but I am even more a History geek which segues nicely with archeology and the many ways science has improved our view into the past. One of the
TVC15 07.12.2014 4 380

Dominique Deleon made this 19 minute film for his fellow student and good friend who had recently been murdered. He had wanted some way to reach out and tell about life on the ‘Rez’. The film REZ is dedicated to him. The filmmaker moved to Duane’s home ‘Re
TVC15 24.06.2014 4 362

I have a provocative suggestion to make that is wrapped in an opinionated statement. Don’t let the opinion deter you. You may really like the suggestion. Thanksgiving Day.  Today.  Who really likes it? I just ran into a group of my neighborhood friends, so
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