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Tribute Poem   He didn't speak about it, still echoes and echoes thunder down the artery years but he had us. We hear.   Sharp black eyes behind shade. Bad Dog man in a rage. Crackling through ozone blazing lies, in this burning all dead love undie’s.   Lo
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My grandfather was born southeast of Gainesville, Florida in the Muskogee/Seminole countryside and joined the brand new Air Force in WW1 in his late teens. After the war, he came home to find that his family (and their land) had disappeared in the Great Fl
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With the Election and the Standing Rock Pipeline issue sucking all the air out of the universe, Government shameless intervention rears it's ugly head again, in Arizona, My best friend in San Carlos Apache, and this morning brought "Oak Flat", which is an
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The weather yesterday here in Eugene mimicked another evening many years ago and it is interesting how vividly a little weather brought back a fond memory. This is concerning an event that was very communal in a rather ancient way. It was shared by over a
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There I was, as usual, jumping on my bicycle in the late afternoon after realizing that I had about 10 library items I needed to return RIGHT THEN (or chalk up a $10. a day fine.) As I took a quick stroll around the Library music area I saw right out in pl
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The European nations that usurped the home of Turtle Island’s humanity, and its unschooled descendents often smirk at First Nations complaints with a “Well, we won the war, you lost.” They just didn’t win HONORABLY. Treaties were made that were never inten
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Vulnerability Alerts   1. Juniper Junos       Vendor: Juniper       A vulnerability was reported in Juniper Junos. A remote user     can cause denial of service conditions.       Impact: Denial of service via network       Alert: http://security
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In response to TVC15's post on being hacked i thought is add a post on free security products, first and foremost a free firewall http://www.zonealarm.com/security/en-us/zonealarm-pc-security-free-firewall.htm a quality "Free" Firewall. Mozilla Firefox is
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Happy May, dear Zoopers. I usually have a lot of business on the first of the month. I pay all of my bills personally in cash and organize my shopping around the 2 bus pass days that I can afford each month. This month the Crohn’s (disease) has kicked up a
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Sybil’s DVD List Before you rent it, check this list. I like and recommend everything on this list or I wouldn’t own it.    Science Fiction; cause it’s fun.  Aliens – I wanted to like the original Alien but it was just a horror film disguised as Sci’Fi wit
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