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How to Write the Perfect Online Dating Profile?

Are you interested in dating online? Online dating can surely yield positive result, if you are serious about it and not just fooling around.  Is it guaranteed that you will get a suitable partner easily, when you are dating online? Well, it’s definitely not magic. The fact is, when it comes to online dating, your profile can actually make or break your match. Since, your profile is the only medium through which the potential dates get to know you, you should take extreme care to provide all necessary information, yet not reveal too much, at one go. Let’s take a look at a few ways how you can perfect your dating profile:

 Always Post a Profile Picture

 No matter how much we brag about intellect and heart, when it comes to matchmaking, the way you look will have a very important role to play. But do not just post any random picture. Pictures, where a part of your face can be seen or where your eyes are covered by sunglasses are ideal for online dating sites. These types of pictures tend to create an interest in the viewer, making them want to see more of you.

Don’t Write your History

Don’t write the story of your life. Of course, you can write about your hobbies and maybe a little bit about the places you have been to or the kind of food that you like, but don’t make it exhaustive. If you leave some questions open, it will develop interest and would help your partner initiate a conversation as well. To a woman, nothing makes a man more attractive than a halo of mystery around him.

Always be Positive

Don’t you get bored when your friends go on talking about their job frustrations or relationship failures, time and again? Similarly, if you let out an iota of frustration in your profile, it might just put off your prospective dates. Don’t propagate negative emotions and information about yourself, ever. Many men tend to think that writing eloquently about any tragedy of their life will make their sensitivity apparent to women. But this is a huge mistake that many people make in order to garner sympathy. If you want to come across as an interesting person, you can always talk about music, art etc. Contemporary women do not like nagging or exhibition of private emotions. So be careful.

Proofread your Profile

If you don’t want to be laughed at, write your profile with the spell-check on. For many women, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are bigger turnoffs than other qualifications.

So what are you waiting for? If you are serious about online dating, keeping the above pointer in mind, write your dating profile today. If you have already posted your profile in the dating sites, go back and check if there’s any way you can spice up your profile, in order to see a hike in the response to your profile. Good luck!


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