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The Top 5 Online Dating Scams

You would think that online dating brought about an endless stream of hookups, but it actually brought about more scams than anything else.  There are scams both near and far that will drain your accounts and leave completely heartbroken.  Here are the top five online dating scams.

1. The Distant Lover Scam

The distant lover scam is one of the most common scams found on dating websites.  The sad truth is that it is best to avoid any type of overseas profiles because they are almost always scams.  The scam is that they will talk to you and try to convince you that they have a sincere interest in a relationship, but they will later say that you must send them money so they can come visit you in your country.  They will ask for plane tickets, visas, cash, and anything else you can imagine.  The bottom line is stay away from the distant lovers and stick to the ones nearby.

2. The Love for a Price Scam

Anyone can get love for a price, even if they are online.  Some people go to online dating websites seeking true love and relationships, but instead get offered a night tawdry sex for an unbeatable price.  Prostitution is just another reality of online dating, so you should immediately shut down the conversation if someone offers sexual favors for money.  Hey, you could be talking to a police officer for all you know.

3. The Desperate Cry for Help Scam

Don't you hate it when you finally develop connection with someone online, but they ask you for some emergency cash?  Usually, all of these desperate cries for help are also distant lovers located in some far off land.  They will whisper sweet nothings in your ear until some horrible circumstance befalls them and they need your help only.  Some of these people will even convince you that they need money for sick relatives, kidnappings, and a host of other bizarre circumstances, but don't believe any of it and never send them any money under any circumstances.

4. The Phone Bill Scam

Online dating makes you want to reach and talk to somebody, but the truth is that what happens online should stay online.  Many of these distant lovers will seem quite genuine at first and then they will ask you to call them on some foreign number.  Unbeknownst to you, you will be charged a ridiculous amount of money if you call them on that line and there will be little that you can do about it other than argue with your phone company.

5. The Phishing Scam

Dating is all about getting to know another person better, but that is not so online.  Phishing is the practice of obtaining personal information in order to use it to hack into accounts and steal identities.  You may not think much of it if your online dating partner asks about your date of birth or your mother's maiden name, but they could actually use it to hack into your online accounts.  Just keep your mouth shut about these types of questions until you actually know that it is a real person you are talking to.

If you expect to survive online dating, then you need to guard both your heart and your pocketbook at the same time.

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