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Butch is not a gender. Butch is an attitude, a style, an insight, a way of being. Join with other Butch gals and guys to introduce yourself, express yourself, chat, tell a joke, get some advice, borrow a tool, fix something or just tell us a story. How about who was your Butch ideal when you were growing up? Mine was William Powell.

Butch Babe

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  •  admins: 
    Nice collection of photos! And, YES, that Sacha Roiz is quite the BABE.
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  •  JackBillie: 
    People keep joining Zooperz but they dont look at the Groups. I guess it is time to use the 'Invite' feature.
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  •  JackBillie: 
    I added some Butchly wallpapers to the general bunch of photos (don't know where to put them here) and thought that I would start some kind of thing goin here. I will check out the Forum first and if it is working look for my survey of "Femmes That Rock Our World".
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  •  JackBillie: 
    Okay, now for members there is Wolfie and me, not so lonley in this here group but I don't expect that to last TOO long. Jack Billie is me (TVC15's) Butch alter-ego. Jack came into play when so many guys on Zoops seem to be passing up on the 'Babe' label. I tried giving some examples and hey, ain't that Sasha Roiz a BABE!!?

    Jack Billies' Butch role model was/is Ronald Coleman so you can see there ain't much difference between these two egos. I had to tweak a little fun at 'Billie Jack' (from Shockmeister films starring an Ndn hero with fists and guns and fired-up victims) and , as it happens, there are thousands of Choctaw with the last name Billie. Maybe more than thousands.
    So, see ya around the Butch Babes.
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I pay no attention to the law and just try to behave myself.
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Dreaming, dreaming, life after life.
Status always foreward, never straight.