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...forms in open Pacific Ocean. Eugene, Oregon,  July 10 (UPI) -- The National Hurricane Center said Hurricane Eugene has formed in the open waters of the Pacific Ocean but is expected to weaken to a tropical storm.  Eugene, which is about 55 miles west-s
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  You take your life in your hands wearing a tutu off a stage in a major U.S. city. Or that's what the Senator from Wyoming declared in his ridiculous remark about a man wearing a tutu to a bar deserves to be beaten to death.   Of course this was in re
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  CHILDREN OF THE ARCTIC is a year-in-the-life portrait of Native youth coming of age in Barrow, Alaska. For Josiah, Flora and Maaya, growing up is more complicated than it was for their ancestors, who originally named the place “Ukpiagvik” (“where we hun
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It all started with one video that a Feminist magazine sent to me and I got on a hunt for people making videos using art and humor to confront the deadly forces in our societies that expect to divide us and assumes that our lives are owned by a controlling
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I have some information I would like to share that may enlighten you. We all love our pets,and many of us get our dogs and cats from shelters,and humane societies. When you get a pet from a adoption agency,or a humane society,many times..if not always the
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Vulnerability Alerts   1. Juniper Junos       Vendor: Juniper       A vulnerability was reported in Juniper Junos. A remote user     can cause denial of service conditions.       Impact: Denial of service via network       Alert: http://security
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