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Good morning my good friend Angel.and i am sharing this mornings thought's with Zoopers as well.  I saw the Jupiter/Venus align last night at sunset. It is remarkable because Venus is between Earth and the Sun and we see Venus all year either just before sunrise (half the year then it disappears for…
   Team from Dull Knife college wins NASA rocket competition. Chief Dull Knife College is small, with one main building that can serve up to 300 students. It operates as a tribally-run community college that serves primarily Native students on the reservation. A couple dozen graduate each year. Stud…
6 days ago
America is a country in which its Constitution guarantees to its citizens the freedom of religion. This can make for a country, at least in its inception, with varied customs of normality. Marriage customs, family customs, property or ethical customs can vary from Southern Baptist to Mormon to Roman…
10 days ago
As I mentioned in a previous blog I really enjoyed the film The Cloud Atlas, based on a novel by David Mitchell. Once upon time I was quite the reader and would have read the novel first but this time I was tempted by a discounted DVD of a film full of interesting actors in an interesting story. I h…
11 days ago
Today a 21 year old boy-man walked into a church and shot as many people as he could. Church, school, shopping mall, hair salon, neighborhood park all public places where we are all welcomed to gather taken from us like too many of our civil liberties and established rights to life, liberty and the …
14 days ago
I recently came across an old copy of Ridley Walker by Russell Hoban and reread it before donating the book to a Sidewalk Library (http://zooperz.com/social/blogs/entry/Library-Juju ). Soon after I saw the film The Cloud Atlas and I am now reading the book by David Mitchell. I’m about halfway throug…
38 days ago
The Spring brings the vert, the true, the new, a young woman’s ceremony of future lives and this years green.   It dusts her hair and shoulders, yellow in the grainy flakes. Fertility, flowers, grasses and trees these things pollen makes.   It blows on the wind, over the sea, in piles, in drifts cau…
38 days ago
The end of this April and beginning of May was thrilling to most western Oregonians. It was sunny! I know that this is how Spring behaves in most parts of the country but here along the Oregon and Washington coasts May and June are usually very dark and rainy. My plan on Mothers Day was to go to the…
44 days ago
Photo of performer, composer, musician and singer Karin Dreijer Andersson, for it's great dramatic statement. I think that this picture gets across the power of female creativity.
48 days ago
56 days ago
A variety of panel discussions and workshops as part of the NW Women Writers Symposium. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As part of the fourth annual Northwest Women Writers Symposium, the Downto…
56 days ago
Eugene public Library, Eugene, Oregon, United States
63 days ago
The weather yesterday here in Eugene mimicked another evening many years ago and it is interesting how vividly a little weather brought back a fond memory. This is concerning an event that was very communal in a rather ancient way. It was shared by over a hundred people but I don’t know of anyone ev…
68 days ago
I have mentioned in previous blogs that I am not a fan of flirting, at least not as a social amusement. I’m fine with flirting that is about meaning exactly what one is implying. How else can you make a subtle proposal to get the idea across and still give the other person a graceful way to decline …
71 days ago
I thought that for Earth Day I would write down some of my typical reflections on the planet but as I began to organize my thoughts this poem worked itself out and I think that it does a pretty good job of it and more briefly than if I got to explaining. Have a happy Earth Day. It’s everyday.   Eart…
72 days ago
Just this morning I was putting away some books and one had the word Feminism on it and I idly wondered just what had become of feminism. Where are the Feminist Consciousness raising groups these days; the Feminist Reading groups, feminist Writers Groups, Feminist Action groups, Feminist Radio, Femi…
73 days ago
Well I’m still feeling all warm and mushy from discovering that wonderful message cartoon made by adults and sent out to children (Burka Avenger) from Pakistan/India. I’ve also been thinking about the Monday Chat date here on Zooperz and what is my favorite song? There are so many but this good mood…
75 days ago
The Burka Avenger I recently blogged here on Zooperz concerning my own reflections on the wearing of Chador by women (http://zooperz.com/social/blogs/entry/Her-Beautiful-Raiment  Chador, Burka and Hajib all refer to the complete veiling of female human beings). It is something I have thought about p…
75 days ago
The Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women -- or CEDAW, as it is known -- was adopted by the United Nations in 1979. It's the biggest treaty creating specific guarantees for women and girls since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was established in 1948, when the Unit…
77 days ago
So, how about that date? Let's party. I'm setting a Group Chat on Zooperz for this Monday, April 20th at 8:00pm EST – 7:00pm CST – 6:00pm MST – 5:00pm PST.  I’ll go online at 5pm Pacific time and I’l…
74 days ago
Zooperz Zone, All Cities, United States
78 days ago
Well, I don’t know if this has been tried before, it hasn’t since I joined a little over a year ago BUT, How’s about a Chat date? I know that our Chat is the most active area of Zooperz with the most history and I often write promising new Zooperz members and inform them of a little of that history…
78 days ago
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This Group is dedicated to Native and Indigenous North, Central and South American People and our Friends around the world. this Group has a Blog, Events, Forum and more included, enjoy.
9 fans
Biloxi, United States
608 days ago · From admin
If you have questions, or need to find info about Zooperz, this is the place, each Group has its own Chat, with video capability, so make a group for your group, and you will have your own chat room with it.
4 fans
Biloxi, United States
611 days ago · From josh
Butch is not a gender. Butch is an attitude, a style, an insight, a way of being. Join with other Butch gals and guys to introduce yourself, express yourself, chat, tell a joke, get some advice, borrow a tool, fix something or just tell us a story. How about who was your Butch ideal when you were gr…
3 fans
United States
614 days ago · From TVC15
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Long distance relationships can be very difficult to maintain. However, there are some simple things you can do to help ease the distance between you!
576 days ago · From someone
Are you interested in dating online? Online dating can surely yield positive result, if you are serious about it and not just fooling around. Is it guaranteed that you will get a suitable partner easily, when you are dating online? Well, it’s definitely not magic. In our chat room alone we have had 10 marriages, and we lost count of the shackup's OK your asking how many stayed together "8" one split up, and one guy died, that's pretty dang good odds i know them all and we keep track, its no…
768 days ago · From
You would think that online dating brought about an endless stream of hookups, but it actually brought about more scams than anything else. There are scams both near and far that will drain your accounts and leave completely heartbroken. Here are the top five online dating scams.
768 days ago · From
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