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I made this avatar for a member/friend.
14 days ago
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16 days ago
An avatar for Bluebirdmoon.
17 days ago
21 days ago
Most nights when my head hits the pillow I am soon asleep. Sometimes though there is a bit of lag while the mind winds down and/or the muscles relax. There are a lot of techniques for using that space; self hypnosis, relaxation exercises, mantra (like silent chanting) and like many writers I tend to…
24 days ago
Good Sunday/Monday Zoopers, I find myself very conscious of rarely blogging over the last few weeks. It is an odd thing because I have tried getting a journal started dozens of times in the past but a philosophical question always nagged me about the importance of my one little life. On the other ha…
24 days ago
27 days ago
All photoshopped.
33 days ago
(picture of Hagar and son Ishmael abandoned in the desert.) Good Saturday Zoopers. I chased the chat room for a couple of weeks but finally found a group present on a couple of occasions. Most Zoopers are on an East Coast (of the USA) schedule and I seem to go looking for chat too late in the day. I…
33 days ago
36 days ago
Basically, I believe that the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche   (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friedrich_Nietzsche ) was a crazy old coot. He did, ultimately, die in an insane asylum. But myself and many other people in the past and present agree with his statement that to “collude with those …
40 days ago
Turning 63.
42 days ago
Summer 2014 began with me complaining about the last 2 summers which I called the No-Tomato summers. I cannot remember 2 summers in a row when I could not find a good, juicy tomato-tasting tomato; I couldn’t buy a local, couldn’t buy a decent import and couldn’t even grow one. It’s really bad when y…
42 days ago
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This Group is dedicated to Native and Indigenous North, Central and South American People and our Friends around the world. this Group has a Blog, Events, Forum and more included, enjoy.
8 fans
Biloxi, United States
383 days ago · From admin
If you have questions, or need to find info about Zooperz, this is the place, each Group has its own Chat, with video capability, so make a group for your group, and you will have your own chat room with it.
3 fans
Biloxi, United States
386 days ago · From josh
Butch is not a gender. Butch is an attitude, a style, an insight, a way of being. Join with other Butch gals and guys to introduce yourself, express yourself, chat, tell a joke, get some advice, borrow a tool, fix something or just tell us a story. How about who was your Butch ideal when you were gr…
2 fans
United States
389 days ago · From TVC15
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Long distance relationships can be very difficult to maintain. However, there are some simple things you can do to help ease the distance between you!
352 days ago · From someone
Are you interested in dating online? Online dating can surely yield positive result, if you are serious about it and not just fooling around. Is it guaranteed that you will get a suitable partner easily, when you are dating online? Well, it’s definitely not magic. In our chat room alone we have had 10 marriages, and we lost count of the shackup's OK your asking how many stayed together "8" one split up, and one guy died, that's pretty dang good odds i know them all and we keep track, its no…
543 days ago · From
You would think that online dating brought about an endless stream of hookups, but it actually brought about more scams than anything else. There are scams both near and far that will drain your accounts and leave completely heartbroken. Here are the top five online dating scams.
543 days ago · From
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