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November 24, 2015 soul/rock/jazz trumpeter and co-founder of Sly and the Family Stone quietly passed away from cancer in her sleep. Sleep well dear soul.
2 days ago
Will Rogers
4 days ago
8 days ago
11/18/15 TODAY IS A GOOD DAY! I was in chat around midnight my time,and I talked with Blitzbear... I tell everyone about my missing cat,and so I told Blitz. He told me that my cat would come back. After he left chat,I set up my camera,and went for a walk,calling my cat,Curious George. I saw nothing,…
11 days ago
Good morning Zooperz, I have been doing some research on a newly identified virus (which I recently encountered) and dealing with some scary income changes and a lot of appointments about it which will probably turn into so-called Fair Hearings. My blogging has slowed down partly because of that and…
12 days ago
Writing..well,I guess I will write,since I have no one to talk to. Its lonely here. My cat has been gone for a month,and I have to realize I may never see him again. Fuck,it hurts this cynical,rotten bastard to my very soul. Pets can be friends,and they can mean so much to a person who has no damn l…
16 days ago
I came across a fun and funny story today about cities and towns where people have painted noticeable or even obscene graffiti on public areas or property that needs fixing for the public safety. There were pictures that I wont use here, too risque, but it does remind me of a time in the late 1990's…
18 days ago
I may as well jump right in here. The other day,I was in another chat room,and had a chance to talk to a lovely(?) woman from the UK. This outstanding person had the solution to stopping war,and violent crime. The solution? Every person who owns a gun should be shot. Simple,elegant,and very neat,yes…
19 days ago
5 Things That Wouldn't Be Happening If the U.S. Were a Functioning Democracy. By Paul Buchheit ....................................................................................... We Americans have a distorted image of freedom and fantastic ideas about what freedom means. This is a rare re-prin…
21 days ago
I remember first hearing about Girlz Rock in the late '90s when I was working at our local Community Center for the Performing Arts. At the time it was a music movement begun in Portland (Oregon) getting young gals together for weekend jams and mentoring. About the time I retired I stayed on as a B…
22 days ago
Good Morning Zooperz. Generally I post here items concerning the Zooperz site or about events that may be of interest to youz but today I am posting a link about a health issue that is vital to many people and I really believe that this brief, free slide show on the internet could be of great servic…
23 days ago
I have some information I would like to share that may enlighten you. We all love our pets,and many of us get our dogs and cats from shelters,and humane societies. When you get a pet from a adoption agency,or a humane society,many times..if not always the animal is microchiped. This is a good thing …
23 days ago
I was rapping with a friend a couple of weeks ago and she asked me if I have a take on the Jesus story. I said that I did and she wanted to hear it. After I told her she asked me if I would write it down for her and I thought that I might as well share it with youz. I have been very ill of late and …
30 days ago
31 days ago
10/12/2015. Last night,my wife left the side door open,and my cat.George,and his brother,Ricco both got out. I have been up looking for 14 hours now. My heart is broken. We found George in a bush right by the house,and my wife actually had him,but he twisted,and ran away. I cant write this,but I hav…
46 days ago
There is a lot of talk by and about Donald Trump these days. Donald Trump is an excessively wealthy person who has no idea how the rest of us live BUT He thinks that makes him qualified to be a national leader. Delusions amongst the super-rich are nothing new but the fact that there are regular inco…
62 days ago
Well, for any of you who have sometimes read the Urban Injun blog, you know that I am a science enthusiast and primarily a generalist. I am interested in chemistry, biology, physics and astro-physics, medicine and more. It has been easier for me to acquire education for some areas and not so easy fo…
72 days ago
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This Group is dedicated to Native and Indigenous North, Central and South American People and our Friends around the world. this Group has a Blog, Events, Forum and more included, enjoy.
6 fans
Biloxi, United States
756 days ago · From admin
Butch is not a gender. Butch is an attitude, a style, an insight, a way of being. Join with other Butch gals and guys to introduce yourself, express yourself, chat, tell a joke, get some advice, borrow a tool, fix something or just tell us a story. How about who was your Butch ideal when you were gr…
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United States
762 days ago · From TVC15
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Long distance relationships can be very difficult to maintain. However, there are some simple things you can do to help ease the distance between you!
725 days ago · From someone
Are you interested in dating online? Online dating can surely yield positive result, if you are serious about it and not just fooling around. Is it guaranteed that you will get a suitable partner easily, when you are dating online? Well, it’s definitely not magic. In our chat room alone we have had 10 marriages, and we lost count of the shackup's OK your asking how many stayed together "8" one split up, and one guy died, that's pretty dang good odds i know them all and we keep track, its no…
916 days ago · From
You would think that online dating brought about an endless stream of hookups, but it actually brought about more scams than anything else. There are scams both near and far that will drain your accounts and leave completely heartbroken. Here are the top five online dating scams.
916 days ago · From
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